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Our accountants, book keepers and tax agents use the blog to educate and inform the public on everything accounting. Take a look at our blogs and if you have any questions call the friendly team at Plant & Associates for more information or to book an appointment.

What is a Voluntary Agreement? This is an agreement between a contractor (payee) and a payer to introduce the payee into the PAYG withholding system. The payee must not be under any salary and wages PAYG arrangements or being paid under a labour hire agreement already. A contractor can only be entered under this system if being paid under a


It has all been repeated to us – pay off your debt, mainly your mortgage that is not deductible! However, the Government is continuously changing super rules which are becoming more favourable depending on your circumstances. Your age, interest rates, super returns and your income level determines the benefits, but if you are over 50 the super v mortgage strategy


Salary sacrifice is an arrangement with your employer providing benefits from your pre-tax income which results in adjustments to your future take home salary. This arrangement can provide effective tax solutions depending on factors varying with each individual. It is becoming more popular for extra super contributions to be salary sacrificed especially as this is Fringe Benefit Tax exempt. Other


‘Consider the age you want to retire, consider how much you want to live off each year and if you are still working consider how much you can still put into your super’ You have always said retirement is a long way away and now you have realised it is not quite that far away. By speaking to your financial


Business Tax Tips Paying tax is not as simple as it seems- most small business owners overpay taxes, as they are not tax experts. There are a few things small business owners should know to avoid high tax. Here are a few business tax tips for you- Home Office If you are a small business owner and use a portion


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