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SMSF – Self Managed Super Funds

Setting up a SMSF and comparing providers fees

It is important when shopping around to find someone to look after the administration of your Self Managed Super Fund that you read the fine print.  There are a number of SMSF’s providers who claim to set up the fund for FREE and provide the Administration services for extremely cheap but they recoup the fees through Investment Charges or Financial Advice or they only offer the cheaper rate for the first year.  Some providers outsource the administration to overseas which presents a number of issues in itself.  Ensure you are getting value for your money.

What is a self managed super fund?

An SMSF is a private superannuation fund, regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), that you manage yourself. SMSFs can have up to four members. All members must be trustees (or directors if there is a corporate trustee) and are responsible for decisions made about the fund and for complying with relevant laws.

How do Self Managed Super Funds Work?

SMSFs are a legal tax structure with the sole purpose of providing for your retirement. They operate under similar rules and restrictions as ordinary super funds.

When you run your own SMSF you must:

  • Carry out the role of trustee or director, which imposes important legal obligations on you
  • Set and follow an investment strategy that ensures the fund is likely to meet your retirement needs
  • Have the financial experience and skills to make sound investment decisions
  • Have enough time to research investments and manage the fund
  • Budget for ongoing expenses such as professional accounting, tax, audit, legal and financial advice
  • Keep comprehensive records and arrange an annual audit by an approved SMSF auditor
  • Organise insurance, including income protection and total and permanent disability cover
  • Use the money only to provide retirement benefits

Is a SMSF right for you?

  • Have you considered other do-it-yourself super options which let you choose which assets you’d like your super invested in such as shares, exchange traded funds and term deposits?
  • Have you considered changing to another fund or investment option first if you are not happy with your current fund?
  • Consider whether your self-managed fund will outperform your current fund?
  • Have you considered the costs associated with running a SMSF?
  • Super funds usually have discounted life and disability insurance which may cost you more inside SMSF.
  • Bankrupts are not allowed to be a trustee, director or member of a SMSF.
  • You can not set up a self managed super fund with the aim of withdrawing some or all of your super to pay off debts, this is illegal.

Free Self Managed Super Fund Trustee Education Program

If you’re thinking of running an SMSF, consider completing a free Self Managed Superannuation Fund Trustee Education Program designed to assist trustees in understanding their role and responsibilities.

Plant and Associates cannot give financial advice so you must source Financial advice from a licenced third party including a statement of advice, cost varies from $1100 to $3300 so shop around.

  • Financial Advice on whether a SMSF is recommended for you, includes Statement of Advice $1,100.00
  • Set up of SMSF, including registration of ABN and TFN $770.00
  • Set up of Corporate Trustee (required where SMSF if investing in Property) $1,100, including ABN, TFN registration, and first year ASIC fee.
  • Annual Administration – $1,320 Basic, $1,760 if you have share trades or are in pension mode, $1,980 if you invest in property. Please see us for an obligation free quote.
  • Auditors Fee $330.00
  • Actuarial Certificate $176.00 – required where your fund is in both Pension Phase and Accumulation Phase.

We do not offer Financial advice on what to invest in, or which investment or insurance product to choose.

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