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Plant & Associates Resources and how to use them

In the world of accounting, tax and finance, there are many aspects that require business owners to be prepared and keep records of every transaction. For audits, bookkeeping, and payroll, to other day to day business operations, there are many other aspects that require preparation and meeting certain criteria for each type of individual aspect. At Plant & Associates, the aim is to provide you support for these situations and there are a bunch of very useful online resources available at –

Income tax checklists

Preparing for income tax and all relevant calculations can be an arduous task. You don’t need to be confused on how to start because Plant & Associates have gathered all the necessary checklists and documents for you to get started. Before sending any information or attending any tax appointment, it is necessary to complete relevant checklists. The checklists in this section are designed to ensure that you have adequate record keeping in the event of an audit by the ATO. The checklists include –

Individual with Business Checklist                                   Client Interview Checklist

Estimate of fuel and oil expenses                                      Car log book Worksheet

Travel diary Worksheet                                                       Travel Expenses Worksheet

Car Expense Questionnaire                                                Donation Questionnaire

Log book Questionnaire                                                      Home Office Worksheet

Other Work Related Expenses Questionnaire               Interest Worksheet

Tools and Equipment Questionnaire                              Clothing Worksheet

Telephone and Rental Questionnaire                             Dividend Register Template

Telephone Diary                                                                  Telephone Expenses Worksheet

Occupation Specific Checklists

Each occupation is unique and special and based on that, there are particular tax deduction scopes. To avail that, it’s necessary to know about the requirements and a checklist can help with all that. Checklists for 4 particular occupations and a general deduction have been enlisted here for your perusal.

General Deduction Checklist                                         Police Deduction Checklist

Airline Employees Pilot Deduction Checklist            Nurses Deduction Checklist

Teacher Deduction Checklist


Investments are a great opportunity to explore and grow your financial stature and head towards a bigger
and better future. It gives the business scope to grow and with all aspects going positive, the investment
works out well and brings financial advantage with time. Here are some checklists and templates made
ready by Plant & Associates to give you a heads up on your investment plan and you can make the best
use of them by contacting Plant & Associates office after filling them up.

Rental Property Schedule                                       Share Register Template

CGT Checklist for sale of real estate and shares       Dividend Register Template

SMSF Documents Required Checklist               Excel spreadsheet – Rental Property

Payroll Tax Tables (updated on 1st July, 2018)

For both monthly and weekly, these tax table calculations come directly from ATO to help you with the calculations. The amount of money to be withheld from payments made to the employees are well distributed in figures here.

Weekly tax table effective 01/07/2018           Monthly tax table effective 01/07/2018


One of the most useful sections from the Plant and Associate team is this ‘Others’ checklist. This section is a versatile one and provides a variety of useful documents for many types of people and topics like contractor, employees, investment, property, retirement, salary sacrifice, statements, business structures, guidelines, mortgage, agreements etc. Be sure to check these if you plan to do anything likewise.

GST, ABN Application                                           Structures

Turning a home into an investment property   Brochures

Residency Tests For Tax Purposes                      FBT Guide

Info Pack For New Subcontractors                     Taxi Driver BAS Guide

Fair-Work-Information-Statement                    Medical Industry

Setting up salary sacrifice on MYOB                 Retiring in 5 years

Salary Sacrifice New Rules                                  Super v mortgage

Contractor – are you entitled to super               Voluntary Agreement

Contractor v Employee                                        Salary packaging

Estate planning and the importance of a Will        Business plan template

Interest deductibility on investment property

Issues to consider in retirement

PAYG (Pay as you go) Variation

NOTE: Guidance recommended before filling up these forms. Plant & Associates is happy to help.These forms are to be filled for applying for tax deductions and are generally suited for individuals who have high tax deductions against allowances received and those with negatively geared properties. There are ramifications for incorrect estimations of income and deductions when applying for the variation.

PAYG Withholding Variation Checklist

All the above mentioned and provided links and documents are provided for helping out business owners and individuals to start from somewhere and not feel lost. However, filling them up properly and then processing them accordingly is a different task and should always be done after consulting professionals.Plant & Associates welcome you to learn more about the correct use of these resources alongside the regularly offered services. Plant & Associates will not be liable for any improper use of these resources.



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