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Changing accountants is simple!

Many people stick with their old accountant, despite not being happy with them simply because they believe to change accountants is difficult.  They couldn’t be more wrong.

Ethical letter

In the accounting industry we have a process where the new accountant sends a courtesy ethical letter to your previous accountant advising that you have approached us to change accountants.  In that letter a request is made for any corporate registers and trust deeds and other pertinent information to you.

99% of the time you personally would already have all of your:

  • original documents,
  • copies of your previous financials and tax returns and
  • any accounting programs where applicable.

Going Forward

So contact us for an obligation free discussion, either in person, by email or by phone to discuss how we can help you.  We can conduct a free review of your previously lodged financials to advise you whether there are any significant areas that you need to pay attention to for asset protection, tax minimisation and future issues.

Why do people change accountants?
  • Feel they are not getting proactive advice or timely response
  • Feel they are being overcharged – some are and some are not
  • Feel they are paying too much tax – again sometimes they are
  • Don’t feel they have adequate asset protection or don’t trust the advice of their Accountant
  • Their accountant is not properly qualified
  • They require a more local accountant or an accountant more technologically advanced.

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