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What are they? A Medicare levy is the progressive income tax levy which partly finances Medicare, Australia’s national healthcare scheme. Taxpayers pay the Medicare levy which is 2% of their taxable income to fund the Medicare system. In addition to the Medicare levy, you may also have to pay the Medicare levy surcharge (MLS) if you don’t have an appropriate


What is a Personal Services Income? You earn PSI when more than 50% of the income you receive from a contract is for your skills, knowledge, expertise or efforts. You don’t earn PSI if: less than 50% of your income from a contract is for your skills, knowledge, expertise or efforts you receive income from selling or supplying finished goods,


What is  Fuel Tax Credits? Fuel tax credits provide businesses with a credit for the fuel tax (excise or customs duty) that’s included in the price of fuel used in: machinery plant equipment heavy vehicles light vehicles travelling off public roads or on private roads. Who does it apply to? It applies to everyone, but your business needs to be


It is quite common for people to forget the things they need when paying taxes. Managing all the documents and files before the Tax Day can be quite overwhelming- however, it is something you can’t avoid. We would love to help, so we created a simple Tax Day checklist, for making it easier on you. Here is the checklist of


What Is a PAYG Variation? A s221D PAYG Variation is used to vary or reduce the amount of tax withheld from your wages/salary. This application is valid for one financial year. If you apply in May or June, the variation will apply to the financial year starting from 1 July. Who should apply for one? Anybody can get one but


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