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Your Smart Vault – Client Portal

Your Smart Vault – Client Portal

Our admin staff  Jess and Cathie are here to help we have a few clients that have not activated there vaults. SmartVault is where all your tax returns and notice of assessments are securely stored for you so you have access 24/7. If you are having any trouble please give us a call and we can guide you through the activation.

The hardest part of the activation is choosing a password which we note is quite a lengthy one. Your password is required to have a minimum 12 characters and include an upper and lower case letter, numeral and punctuation mark. Please note that your password cannot contain any symbols (i.e. _ # $ % @).

Don’t freak out if you forget your password, you can always reset it.

As you are fully aware we are bound by the strict guidelines of the privacy act and our governing body CPA and the ATO. Under these guidelines we are not permitted to email any sensitive information (such as your tax return) to anyone, not even yourself! Emailing such sensitive information puts your data security at risk and leaves you open to cyber hackers and identity theft.

Some clients need access to these documents for bank managers, finance, Centrelink etc this allows you to download your information and forward directly to whoever you want.

The vault also allows you to upload information to us directly. If your new year’s resolution was to get organised and on top of your paperwork the Vault can be a mighty useful tool! You can actually upload any information for the current tax year as you go! If you purchased some new office stationery over the break to claim at tax time, you can upload this now via the TY21 Send to Accountant folder.

We will leave any information you upload for the current tax year in your vault for tax time. You just need to let us know once you’re ready for us to prepare your return. Voila! No more missing receipts! (Yay!)

If you have not activated your vault just yet and would like too, please give us a call and we will resend your invitation and provide assistance over the phone.

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