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Dear clients of Plant & Associates,

Given the impact that the recent flooding and storms that have caused havoc for residents and businesses in South-East Queensland, we would like to inform everyone of the Government assistance and support that is available to you. Below is some information about the assistance packages and initiatives now available for both individuals and businesses.

Flood and Storm Damage – Help is available

Have you or someone you know been adversely affected by the recent floods? The government has support options available for individuals and businesses who have been adversely affected by the recent Queensland flood disasters.

Support associated with impacted from Ex-Tropical Cyclone Seth

Extraordinary Disaster Assistance Recovery Grant – Ex Tropical Cyclone Seth
Small businesses affected by the floods in January 2022 may apply for Disaster Assistance grant of $50,000 to cover cleanup and repair costs including infrastructure and trading stock.

Essential Working Capital loan
Disaster Assistance loan of up to $100,000 is available for businesses in the Wide Bay LGA areas. The concessional loan can be used to assist with the essential working capital such as payment of wages, creditors and rent. Lending under the scheme must be secured by a mortgage of land and other assets satisfactory to Queensland Government.

Disaster Assistance Loan
The Disaster assistance loan of $250,000 is available for repairing or replacement of damage impacted by the floods associated with Ex-tropical Cyclone Seth. Again, lending under the scheme must be secured by a mortgage of land and other assets satisfactory to Queensland Government.

The government is currently working on a package to assist businesses affected by the recent South-East Queensland floods

South-East Queensland February 2022 Floods

Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment
If the interior of your principal place of residence has sustained major damage or been destroyed,
or major assets you own at your principal place of residence has been destroyed or damaged as a direct result of the flood, you may be able to make a claim.

Individuals may be able to claim up to $1000 per adult and $400 per child through their MyGov account. Similar payment is offered to people affected by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Seth in January 2022.

Australian Taxation Office
Most businesses lodging income tax returns with an original due date of the 21st of February 2022 and BAS & Instalment notices due on the 28th of February 2022 or 21st March 2022 do not need to lodge relevant returns until 28th March 2022.

If you are struggling to pay your ATO liabilities, the ATO may grant a payment arrangement or deferral. Please contact our office if you need any assistance.

Emergency Hardship Assistance
The Emergency Hardship Assistance Grant of $180 per person is offered to support people to meet immediate needs.

Essential Services Hardship Assistance Grant
A grant of $150 is available to support those impacted by the floods and have experienced loss of power for more than 5 days.

Essential Household Contents Grant
The Essential Household Contents Grant of 1765 for individuals and $5,300 for couples and families is available to cover the cost of uninsured household contents damaged in the floods.

Structural Assistance Grant
Uninsured homeowners may be able to claim a grant of $10,995 for singles and $14,685 for families for repairs of their main residence.

Essential Services Safety and Reconnection Grant
Uninsured homeowners may be able to claim $200 towards initial safety inspection for reconnection of essential utilities such as electricity and water. A further payment of $4,200 is available for repair work associated with the reconnection of these services.

Please feel free to contact our friendly team is you have any questions or require any assistance in obtaining the above relief packages.

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